Purple Rain Forever // #PrinceDay One Year Later

Being from Minnesota I would have to say that the guy above is a HUGE influence on any music that comes from the state. So when Prince passed away unexpectedly last year, the whole state pretty much lost it. Over all the memorials for Prince were overwhelming. First Avenue, self-proclaimed the Downtown Danceteria and event venue even added a giant gold star dedicated to Prince on it’s mighty wall of stars.  This being said, his death took a lot of people by surprise. There were tributes, upon tributes, upon tributes. In general, there were loads of tributes and dance parties to the purple god himself. The governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, even dedicated June 7th, Prince’s birthday, to be Prince Day to honor the icon.

One Year Later….

It’s the first Prince Day since Prince’s passing. The world seems to still be spinning and there is a lack of media coverage on the topic. There was much buzz on the anniversary of his death however. Which does make sense, there were just as many dance parties as last year. However, more people are feeling over it. There was no real buzz about the #PrinceDay that was declared last year. I cannot say I am truly surprised, however, for the state of Minnesota, I find it rather alarming. They were so torn up after the death of the star, that a “holiday” to commemorate the star, seemly should have more traction. Fans, and news outlets are using the #PrinceDay to commemorate the star on twitter, but buzz in Minnesota seems to be rather dead. To see how this will change over the years will be most interesting.

There is something to be said, but Prince does hold a very special spot in my personal heart. I grew up going to sporting events were “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Purple Rain” were played to amp up the crowd, ie the Vikings fans. My parents weren’t huge fans, but who doesnt like “Party Like it’s 1999”? That song will even get the most stoic characters to tap their toes. Whatever may happen, I can always count on Prince to put a smile on my face. His music defines a community as a whole, and while I live and breathe, Purple Rain will be forever, and Minnesota Pride will always pulse through my veins.

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