June Tunes // Coldpress & Coldbrews

June may have only just begun, but we have already been inundated with many new singles, and albums and we have even seen the return of old favorites. June 2nd saw the release of not only Halsey’s sophomore album hopeless fountain kingdom but also the second album, Gone Now, of former Fun. lead guitarist Jack Antonoff’s new project Bleachers. Both of these album’s were released with little hype from the big corporations, but fans of both rejoiced with the arrival of the two albums.


Halsey’s hopeless fountain kingdom, is just what any fan of Halsey would expect. Her electronic beats mixed with the grunge pop that she has become known for. “The Prologue“, which has become a common feature on many hip hop albums in recent years, is Halsey reading the actual Prologue to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. There is a orchestra-organ playing in background. This choice to put this prologue before the album is a bold choice, however, it does a very good job at setting up the album. It sets the tone, with “The Prologue” leading into “100 Letters”; this is truly an album that is meant to be listened in order because the songs flow together so well. This album reflects Halsey’s attempts to not be a pop-radio sell out. Whether she manages to break that “New Americana” mold will be seen soon, but truly, “Now or Never,” the main single released from the album, does not do this album justice.


Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers has seen fast success with their first album Strange Desires. Second album to Antonoff’s Bleachers being Gone Now, which has a very similar vibe to Strange Desires. The campy alternative rock genre that Fun. once filled is now filled by Bleachers. Single “I Miss Those Days” has the usual upbeat tempo and bells that all Bleachers fans are used too. The uses of cowbell and drum beats isolated from the rest of the instruments matched up with Antonoff’s vocal range. Songs like “Let’s Get Married” and “Everybody Lost Somebody” reflect what Bleacher’s is really known for. A synth-indie rock with a pop feel. It has the similar appeal that Fun. had, and rightfully so because Antonoff was one of the main writes for both Aim and Ignite and Some Nights, the band’s two albums.

Overall, the month of June has more jams coming, but for now, just sit back and enjoy Halsey and Bleachers, if that’s the music your into at least.